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don’t squeeze the charmin

May 19, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 11:15 am

i think i may have found the softest satellite running on Full Tilt. i think normal player protocol would require me to keep this gem a secret, but hey, shouldn’t everyone have a chance at some free T$?

usually i play in the $26 and $75 Token Frenzies. these used to be pretty soft, sometimes even running with overlay. but in the last several months these tourneys have not only been filling up, they have been filling up with more skilled players. it might be a trend overall in online poker; the amount of fish are fading fast.

it used to be pretty normal to see people getting it all in with a flush draw on the turn or second pair on the flop. slowly but surely i have seen a decrease in the number of players who practice these poor plays; chalk this up to the number of sites out there that offer video training (Cardrunners, Stoxpoker, PokerXFactor, etc) as well as a shrinking in the pool of players overall as the UIGEA still impacts drawing in new players.

BUT – thank god there still are some donkeys! i have played for the last two Sundays in the satellite to the 50-50 that runs on Sunday. this is an $8.80 tourney to win $55. both times i have played i have won a seat. i then have promptly unregistered and used those T$ for another day, often time $75 satellites for the WSOP or FTOPS series.

last night was my second win; i also noticed Bayne picked up a win in the same tourney (IIRC, when his pocket twos in the SB fought off pocket kings in the BB! go mighty ducks!) i expect to see more bloggers play in these now that T$ are pretty much a better deal than tokens.  i dunno if my results speak to Sundays being weaker than other days.  YMMV.

speaking of: isn’t the implementation of T$ kinda the end for token frenzies? the T$ are much more useful, since you can slice and dice them into any amount you want. i can’t think of a compelling reason why i would want a $75 token instead of 75T$? bueller?


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