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c’mon, Chip Saltsman is the new Al Franken!

December 26, 2008
Filed under: politics — bcd @ 6:34 pm

hey Chip,

man, sorry to hear about the ol’ shit hitting the fan.  those damn liberals, they just don’t get a joke.

now Chip, i just want to play Devil’s Advocate here, OK?  i am totally on your side and i think Paul Shanklin is hil-ar-ious!  i mean, who doesn’t love his “John Edward’s Poverty Tour” or “The Star-Spanglish Banner”?  that is funny shit, man!

ok, but back to Devil’s Advocate: see, i think what people are upset about, when they get past what appears racist and clearly partisian, well, i think most people are asking, “Why?”  i mean, Chip, what exactly did you think you were going to get out of the old gift bag with the CD in it?  obviously, you are sending these out to fellow Republicans and there is no need to prove your stripes there – i mean, you worked for and ran a campaign for Mike Huckabee.  yeah, we all watched Huckster on that awful, liberal show, but hey, he towed the line, didn’t he?  so we know you can hate, er, defend our Christian rights as a Nation, with the best of them.

no, i think what i am asking is, isn’t this CD in the gift bag kinda all downside?  i mean, you aren’t going to win friends and influence people with this, right?  we all agree with you – The Big O DID win because white America clearly voted out of guilt over slavery and Jim Crow.  so what was the upside?

now, we know being the vast intelligencia behind Huckster’s successful run for Vice-President (we can’t blame you for Huckster having balls, can we?) that you surely forsaw what would happen when the Liberal_Media got a hold of this.  so we’re confused.  see, to win in 2012, we now know that we need to expand on our Southern Strategy…but explicit racism, err, humor, seems a little too overt.

so i hope to see you out in the press in the coming days, Chip.  we need you to explain this away, which i am sure you can do!  i mean, look how well Huckster did!

thanks for your ear, Chip.  chin up, kiddo!

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  1. lol, hes so screwed. what a dumb thing to do!

    Comment by nbj — December 26, 2008 @ 7:29 pm

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