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just a quick update…

August 9, 2008
Filed under: latest update — bcd @ 9:20 am

my momseseses has been in the hospital for the last week; she had an angiogram and two new stents put in. her recovery was hampered a little by the healing of the site where they thread the angiogram tube in (largest vein in the body, for the win!) but overall her health is good and she is bored shitless waiting to get out – we are hoping today is that day.

so i have been hustling to and fro between work, hospital, home all week…thus no updates and missed fun times like Dr. Pauly’s 5th Anniversary tourney extravaganza. sucks to be me. also, this is the month we are sending our latest project at work to QA with an attempt to go live with all Chase partners near the middle of August. suffice to say, i was at work till 9PM last night and i am dreading a certain call today. oh well, it is nice to receive a paycheck!

anyway, still waiting for the frame to show up; i would expect today. i am hoping for a spare sec to make it by West End so i can query about what parts to build it up with. since it originally was a mix of Ultegra and Bontrager, i am thinking of using those. plus some high end training wheelset. heh. more on that front at it happens.

off like a dirty shirt….

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  1. You make it West End without calling me, you must die.

    And what’s with the not drinking? Surely, it’s a more relaxed “kind of” not drinking. Or, not drinking to excess as often.

    We’re doing The Biggest Loser body sculpting workouts most mornings. Fat people who can stretch really motivate me, it seems. Plus, H has me occasionally doing an hour (yes, an hour) of yoga at night.

    Which pretty much cuts out drinking during the week.

    H has us scheduled for a “stay-cation” this Friday & Monday. We’ll see how that works out, no pun intended. At least I won’t have to think about work for a couple of days. It’s no Cabo or Europe or London or whatever, but it’s cheaper and it’ll do. Plus, we got iPhones!

    Comment by DAC — August 13, 2008 @ 9:31 pm

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