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2010 WSOP – the media list

May 30, 2010
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 9:22 am

in my fortieth year on this planet i am supposed to be playing in the World Series of Poker 2010. alas, i have been unable to secure an affordable seat.

nonetheless, this year, as for the last seven years, i will be following the WSOP on the web. the good news is that every year the group of journalists providing the daily minutia from the WSOP gets bigger and better.

here’s a quick list of who i’ll be reading:

i don’t know who i found first, but i am pretty sure i found both from The Blogfather. Sir Al is now working for Full Tilt Poker and the Good Dr. Pauly has a book coming out soon. both are required reading for any WSOP year.

Al Can’t Hang: blog & twitter

Tao of Pauly: blog & twitter

another poker journo that i mysteriously found is Dan at Pokerati. i think i got there b/c Michelle Lewis‘ neighbor is my mom’s cardiologist and Michelle linked to Dan oh so many years ago when he was still in Dallas. i think.

Pokerati: blog & twitter

F-Train came from reading Dr. Pauly and Al Can’t Hang. he is another dengen convert, giving up i think a job in the world’s second oldest profession and traveling the world for poker.

F-Train: blog & twitter

Pot Committed is Dr. Pauly’s common-law better half. don’t let that fool you, she’s been covering poker for years and in the last year went global with her coverage of the Latin American Poker Tour.

Pot Committed: blog & twitter

so quit hanging around here and go catch-up on the action!

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