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poker penalty box and Every Hand Revealed

May 31, 2008
Filed under: books,poker — bcd @ 9:23 am

well, i couldn’t even handle my own self-imposed exile from poker.  sure i made it through Friday night, but i got up this AM and decided to start my Steps again.  after getting shot back down to Step 2 i would have to wade my way through.

to get to five handed, i got it AIPF with sevens vs tens.  allah smiled and i flopped a set.

to get to four handed, i snapped off aces with JKs, turning trips.

to get to three handed, i snapped off aces with QTo, making a straight.  this was blind v blind and AIPF.

i then held on to win my Step 3 ticket when Q8o finally took out the blinded down A5o.

so, i played pretty poor.  got really, really lucky.  won my ticket.


last night i finished [u]Every Hand Revealed[/u] and [u]Hats & Eyeglasses[/u].  i was impressed with Hats & Eyeglasses, a memior of a Hollywood fluff writer who grew up in New York.  some great poker stories in here and her description of getting hooked on Paradise Poker is pretty funny; at least she was able to beat the sickness!

Hansen’s book was O.K.  you really have to parse all the hands to get to the meat, which are some gems of how Gus thinks and his method to dissecting hands.  one thing for sure, Gus ran over his tables; no one put up a fight and he stole his way down to the final three.  Jimmy Fricke tried to answer some questions about the hands on 2+2 before some tard ran him off.  but Jimmy’s contention that all Gus looks at is pot odds is kinda true.  but then again, why would Gus look at anything else when no one was standing up to him?  Jimmy made some big pot errors to Gus, but when you look at the hands that Jimmy had to lay down to Gus’ aggression, i would assume he was pretty frustrated.  either way, it is a cheap book and worth some time.  someone on 2+2 suggested it should have been packed with the video of the tournament, which would have been cool.  you can go to PokerTube and watch a lot of it.


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