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May 29, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 12:17 pm

i’m still on tilt i think from busting out of the Mookie last night.  i basically called off my stack preflop with wired twos.  called off to the guy who not only has a TOC seat but also has something like 7 BBT3 final tables.  FMITGA!

what has me tilted is that i kinda thought about what i was doing and still did it.  i remember looking at twos in EP (might have even been UTG) and thinking, “i should fold these.  a raise OOP with twos is just horrible.”  and then i raised pot anyway.  WTF?

we were down to the final two tables.  i had scratched my way there and was about a median stack.  the previous hand i has raised in EP with AKs and bayne called in late position (SB, BB maybe?).  he must have been in the blinds b/c the flop came J-J-Q and he lead out and i opted to fold.  i was frustrated that i missed the flop, frustrated that i had been missing all the flops, frustrated that i was giving up so easy on flops; maybe that’s what lead to my meltdown.

i had aces five times and kings four times last night.  all five aces were either folded to me or folded to my 3xBB open.  yes, i made NO MONEY from the aces, other than blinds.  WTF?  three of the kings were the same way.  the fourth time i took out a short stack who had an M of less than 6.  i know that was tilting me.

i dunno what the issue was, just poor luck, i guess.  my VP$IP was between 24-30 pretty much the whole tourney, so i dunno how i could be looser.  i was stealing as much as i needed to stay at median.  FTP just couldn’t hook me up with an aces vs kings.  or kings vs queens.  everyone must have believed i had it or just was staying out of the way.  my tables were really tight…some with a VP$IP below 14%…including mine averaged in!

anyway, crashing like that just deflated me.  it was just a little past midnight when i busted out and headed to bed; the last time i looked at the clock was 1:30AM.  i slept like shiet and i am still pretty pissed at myself.  F S C K !

so i might just hang loose until the Big Game on Sunday.  maybe a couple of days away will soothe the savage beast.

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