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June 2010
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all the news that’s fit to…wipe your ass with – by John Lomax

June 3, 2010
Filed under: music — bcd @ 7:15 pm

a few days ago i had a back-and-forth via twitter with Felix Salmon (of the pseudo-deceased Conde Nast Portfolio, now with Reuters and Wired) in regards to Lynn Hirschberg’s Sunday NYT Magazine’s piece on MIA.

Salmon, a real fscking journalist IMO, thought it was a hit-piece (Hirschberg did a so-called hit-piece on Courtney Love oh-so-many-years ago.) I thought the french-fry setup was throw-away and MIA’s response on her website was trite and had the depth that is displayed by many twenty-somethings who can’t write a cogent paragraph and instead think that links alone will tell their story.

So if the NYT story was a “hit-piece” then i wonder what this tripe would be?

Part of my distaste for what the Houston Press has become are stories like these: National Inquiresque, tabloid journalism. sure, that description has the word ‘journalism’ in it, but is it really? and Lomax? He was born and bred at the Houston Press and is Houston’s new reigning king of this shit genre that passes for real media.

i am sure this douchestain from Blue October is playing up his affliction. heck, it might even be 100% fake; i could care fscking less about the band, the singer, his fans, or even his crusade to save the legion of gothed-out, emo masses who are lining up at Ace Hardwares across the U.S. for razor blades. But – my take is that Lomax smelled a great chance at getting a cheap cover story when he was granted an hour with Furstenfeld and being the Weekly World News journalist that Lomax is, well let’s just say he knows a bat child story when he sees one.

sad. and standard.

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