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May 2009
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My Mama always said you’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move on – Forrest Gump

May 14, 2009
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 11:28 am

i’ve come to a realization over the last 10-12 years; if you had asked me about decisions i made when i was in my 20s, i would have argued till i was blue in the face about how correct/right i was.  even in the face of being wrong.  ah, youth.

but roughly around my 30s (and especially after my wife and i launched our own business) i realized that i often get everything wrong the first time.  i then “learn” and hopefully don’t make the same mistake twice.  i wish i could say i was smart enough not to make the initial error/problem, but i am not.  i learn a lot by doing and in doing i am really good at screwing shiet up!

last night’s poker game was The Mookie.  after my deep run in the $200K Stimulus Qualifier (120/~8300) i was hoping my new found patience would pay off.  i only needed to suckout once to make the final table – that in and of itself might be a record for me!  i also had very few big pairs – never had aces or king the whole night.  but i managed to make it down heads up.  and then i fscked up.

i offered a deal without really understanding how i needed to make the outcome happen once the deal was stuck.  not smart.

ShipFaced12 and i were heads up and he already has won a seat to the Blogger Championship, so i offered cash to let me take the seat.  he agreed since you can’t really use two seats (yes, yes, i know that by winning more than one he limits the competition).  then, i assumed we would just shove match it and Al could move the seat to my name.


actually what we should have done was have ShipFaced12 sit out, let me blind him off and win the tourney (and the seat) and then i could ship him the agreed upon payment.  why this didn’t occur to me, no clue.  i am not arguing that i am a smart man.

anyway, what actually happened was ShipFaced12 won the tourney, which means he won the seat.  and i got 2nd.  doh!

so just like in all things i do, i learned the proper way to negotiate a winner-take-all tourney on Full Tilt.  too bad i had to miss the chance to win the seat to the Blogger Championship.

there is a silver lining; two actually!  one, the Blogger series isn’t done.  so maybe my form (and luck) will hold and i can get another chance.  and number two?  the 2nd place prize money from last night is going to be combined with some ancient $T and buy me into the 150 Seat Main Event Guarantee!

putting the past behind me and moving on – one mistake at a time!

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