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April 2009
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Best Buy – A Cabinet of Scamming

April 26, 2009
Filed under: music — bcd @ 4:43 pm

Jane’s Addiction released a new box set this week, A Cabinet of Curiosities.  filled w/mostly previously unreleased demos and live cuts, plus a DVD, it is both a must have for Gen Xers and those in Gen Y who prolly are wondering, “who the fsck are Jane’s Addiction.”

while preparing to buy the set via Amazon on Sunday, i read a review that said Best Buy not only had the set for pretty much the same price, but also were including a fifth disc.  paying an extra $2 for another disc is a pretty damn good value, so even though i am loathe to leave the house on Sunday’s, i climbed in Monster Truck and headed to my local Best Buy.

after fruitlessly searching for the box set at my local Best Buy, i used their public terminal to search via their website and find that my location was all out, but the next location 10 min away had some.  so i trolled down to Richmond/Rosenberg, where Monster Truck fit right in amongst all the other Tea Bagger’s trucks in the parking lot (go Texas secession!) (that’s sarcasm, settle down, gentle readers.)

they had two (2?!) in stock and i bought one.  win for me.

after blasting CD #3 all the way home, making sure that i played “Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey” at top volume while cutting through Sweetwater and their  uppity country club, i arrived home to rip the CDs into iTunes.  and only then did i notice that i paid $64.94 for the box set – that is $59.99 plus tax.

at first i thought maybe the website price of $49.99 was web-only, but no, you can actually go pay $49.99 + tax on the website and then pick it up locally.  so what gives?

i call the Best Buy in Richmond/Rosenberg and after having to spell the band name to the 16 yr old who answered my call (and who obviously had no clue who Jane’s is/was/are) i was told that i could print out the webpage and bring it in where they would “price match” it and refund my $10.

uh, WTF?

so lemme get this straight: Best Buy is going to price match Best Buy?  what is the fscking purpose of having a website and local pickup if you are going to have to price match for your non-website using customers?

anyway, just keep this in mind whenever you are buying anything from Best Buy – they are obviously out to scam a buck any way they can.  guess it serves me right for ever thinking/trusting a retailer to not try to scam their clients.

and to Best Buy, who i now have to re-drive to to get my $10: FUCK YOU!

ta da!

April 2, 2009
Filed under: bicycles — bcd @ 9:50 pm

well – it is finished: 2006 Klein Reve w/2009 Dura Ace!

next up, sweat!

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