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March 2009
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2009 WSOP, BBT4 & Full Tilt Poker

March 15, 2009
Filed under: WSOP — bcd @ 5:37 pm

i haven’t been paying much attention…but today i noticed Full Tilt put up their 2009 WSOP page and is running satellites!  this is the one thing i still get excited about with poker.

should be an interesting year; with the economy down and Vegas hemorrhaging money, we might see a much smaller field this year for the Main Event.  doesn’t mean i am not going to at least play in the 150 Seat Guarantee.  i’ve already saved half the $500 buy-in in $T!

in related news, Sir Al has again convinced Full Tilt to run and fund the Battle of the Bloggers Tournament series.  i’ve played in three of these and my game is not very sharp.  guess i need to start trying to make it twice a week in preperation for my WSOP run.

calling all cars, calling all cars….

March 14, 2009
Filed under: Uncategorized — bcd @ 2:30 pm

i have been exceeding lazy in the last several months; the energy it takes to write a blog entry is more than i can muster…and let’s be honest, how much energy does it take to sit on my arse?

anyway, since torpedoing my diet right before Thanksgiving i think i have added back 20lbs of the 30lbs+ i had lost.  in my defense, i have been enjoying a lot of fine craft beer and Ben & Jerry’s, so there is that.

but, i have finally done it: i took my new road bike to the local bike shop today to be assembled.  it only took me roughly 8 months to get all the parts together. here’s the details:

Klein Reve frame + fork
$386 + $49.99 = $435.99

Bontrager Race seatpost
$9.55 + $8.00 = $17.55

Bontrager Race Lite stem & handlebar
$40.00 + $7.50 = $47.50

Roval Echappee E5 wheelset
$250.00 + $40.00 = $290.00

Bontrager Grippy Tape handlebar wrap
$16.99 + $4.00 = $20.99

Bontrager Bzzzkill Harmonic Dampers
$9.99 + $4.00 = $13.99

Continental Grand Prix 4000 tires (two)
$53.76 + $0.00 = $53.76

Selle Italia SLK saddle
$49.99 + $3.99 = $53.98

2009 Shimano Dura Ace 7800 group + Ritchey WCS carbon handlebar
$999.00 + $45.00 = $1044.00

SpeedPlay Light Action Chrome-Moly pedals
$114.99 + $9.49 = $124.48

“Pro” build @ Sugar Cycles
$75.00 + $6.19 = $81.19

TOTAL = 2183.43

for giggles, that is listed in chronological order of when i bought them.  obviously no rhyme or reason to how i roll!

i have another $400 invested in shoes (Sidi Ergo 2) and a new helmet (Giro Ionos).  who made cycling so expensive?  oh yeah – now i remember why i sold my car when i was a bike messenger!

i am also planning on buying a new set of rollers; i wish i had kept my lovely Kreitlers from oh so many years ago.  but i did find a new type, E-Motion rollers, that i am considering.  expensive, but being able to ride on shitty rain days (usually rains a lot in the Spring in TX) will be worth it.

so that is it.  bike is supposed to be ready on Wed, Mar 18th.  my goal will be to start riding and i would like to drop back to my fighting weight of 185lbs in made 6 months.  i am roughly 210lbs right now – YIKES!


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