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August 2008
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God Hates Republicans

August 31, 2008
Filed under: politics — bcd @ 2:21 pm

(posted while i am waiting for some schmuck in CA to send me the proper file formatting, which will allow me to finish another piece in this ever-ongoing puzzle i am trying to program at work)

thought i would throw this out there before some right-wing, evangelical bible-thumper makes the connecton:

if Hitler was God’s fulfillment for the Gentiles…

if 9/11 was God’s punishment for turning away from Him as a nation,

if Katrina was God’s punishment for abortion and/or gays,

then obivously, God hates the RNC and is trying to outline a suitable punishment for anyone who would think about voting for McCain.


just spit-ballin’ over here.

Girl Talk will get hot & sticky in Houston

Filed under: music — bcd @ 12:56 pm

no time to mention all the bullshiet going on…just let it be noted that i am working harder than a Vegas whore during a RNC convention.

wanted to link up a Girl Talk live show from 1.27.07 aptly titled Girl Talk Murders Seattle.

Girl Talk is playing Houston Oct 18th.  my tickets are purchased and printed.  thank god it’s a Saturday show!


Who wants to die?

August 23, 2008
Filed under: humorous — bcd @ 1:28 pm

now i can see why Elmo was asking that question!

Elmo riding dirty

captured on Beltway 8 on my way to work this morning.

that’s one of those backyard swing set dealios.  appears Elmo is acting as the flag for the load.

Pretty soon, all he could think about was feeding the hole.

August 21, 2008
Filed under: house — bcd @ 10:19 am

O’ Variance, you sneaky dog, you.

when you catch me at poker and knock my ego back down to size, you are doing the job i expect. i guess in a BF Skinner fashion, it is a learned response from the last couple of years of play.

but when you lay fallow my A/C unit in August – in Texas – well shucks, you got me. and well played to do so a mere 5 months and 11 days after i paid over $600 to have your capacitor fixed and to get you all ready for the season. i wasn’t expecting that.

anyway, just wanted to say that i got it, lesson understood. spending last night in trying to sleep in 80 degree heat, inside my home, has made me a new man. i now recognize your power, O’ Variance!

i gotta ask though: All Mighty Variance, do you not have rules, similar to your drastically more final workmate Death?

Sunday morning catch-up

August 17, 2008
Filed under: bicycles,latest update — bcd @ 11:52 am

ever want to discover muscles you have that are used very little? try this: pickup a 32″ Sony Trinitron and carry it around a little. guaranteed to make parts of you hurt that haven’t been used since those wild parties in college.

my momseseses TV has been slowly dying. she called out a Sony repair guy who told her that the tube was on it’s last legs. since tubes are not really replaceable, the fix is a new TV. as a stop gap, he fiddled under the hood and turned the contrast and brightness way up. shitty picture, but picture nonetheless.

i tried for months to let her take my 27″ Trinitron that sits unused in the guest bedroom. i even offered my 32″ Mistu from my office. of course she would have none of it.

well, now home from the hosiptal and a little house bound during recovery, i convinced her to take one of mine. her plan was to buy a new flat panel, but since the new short-term goal is to sell her house and buy her a new house in our little suburban paradise, i suggested she wait so that we can tailor the screen size to her new living room.

so yesterday, prior to attending an Astros ass-kicking, i took her my Sony. 27″ old-skool tube TVs are heavy, but they are nothing close to the heavy of 32″ old-skool tube TVs. i think “TV Deadlift” could be an Olympic sport, if flat panels hadn’t eliminated the who genre of TVs.

in other news, my Klein Reve X has been here for about a week. i’ve got a Bontrager seat post in for it (in very odd 31.6 diameter…mountain bike size!) and my Bontrager stem, bars and tape should be showing up shortly. really all that is left is groupo and wheels. heh – yeah, that’s all.

i am in a double quandary with that decision: what group and where to buy it. my old LBS (which isn’t really “local” to me any more, but still worth the 30 minute drive) quoted me $1K for a new Shimano Ultegra group, sans hubs. of course, on teh internetz i can get it for $700. that $300 savings is basically the wheelset, or a significant portion of a wheelset if i go crazy and get something like Bontrager Race X Lite.

in addition to the LBS vs internet decision, do i want Shimano anyway? not Campagnolo? and now SRAM has supposedly got a pretty sweet group themselves. and of course, i could always mix and match with something like Bontrager Carbon cranks.

so all that said, i’ve done nothing. which means i still have no bike built. and i still really want a new Ibis Silk. West End has one on hand to show peeps and it is utterly amazing. the black clearcoat on the carbon fiber is jaw dropping. of course, why spend $1500 to complete the Klein when that is essentially half of the new Ibis?

i’ve got no answers, only questions!

btw – the Reve X is pretty damn stunning itself. the frame was in better condition than described in the auction; it looks almost new. the carbon stays and that crazy S.P.A. elastomer are driving me nuts. i so want to ride this bike!

Born To Hand Jive

August 16, 2008
Filed under: Asides,humorous — bcd @ 12:09 am

i work in a small building – 6 floors high and we are on the 1st floor. due to the area of town we are in, what i will call a pseudo-business district, the shitters on the first floor require a key. so besides having to carry a cardkey for office access, you have to carry a physical key too. fun.

the bathroom is not very large: two standups, two sitdowns, two sinks. my office at home is larger and that ain’t bragging. i mention the size b/c it sets the scene for the atmosphere in our office away from the office.

with the diet i am on, i drink a lot of fluids (supposed to be water, but i have a severe Diet Coke problem, which is exacerbated by our office’s free soda machine). needless to say, i visit the head probably 4-6 times a day. i always feel a little self-conscious about it b/c i have to walk past another office each time, where there is a receptionist who faces the hall and can see our coming and goings (but thank god not our leavings.) i am sure she is tired of watching the parade.

i have always thought it a little weird, heading in to drop a load in very close proximity to another man doing the same. i mean, in spite of the smell and the sounds, it just seems too personal an act to share with friends and strangers. and what’s with the dividers that don’t go all the way to the ground? is Larry Craig in charge of restroom design permitting on a federal level? anyway, every time i am sitting in the can and someone comes in and sits in the next stall, disturbing the peace, i always think of the Romans.

pull up a seat and stay awhile!

that’s a Roman set of shitters. the Romans had plumbing, which put them an entire era ahead of their peers; unfortunately, the “let’s sit right next to another guy defecating” design appears timeless.

one thing that really weirds me out is the Indian guy who works in the other tech firm on the first floor. when i first started my job, i Googled this firm, b/c i am nosey and wanted to know what they did. plus they have a vast array of foreign workers, so i figured it was tech (guys from Indian, Pakistan, some former Soviet-bloc countries, etc.) anyway, this one guy is the head honcho. he’s got a Stanford degree and spends a large amount of time in the atrium of our building talking on his cellphone. that’s not the weird part; we all take our “private” calls in the atrium (thanks for the cubes, mother fsckers.) no, what’s weird is his pissing ritual.

look, i am not spying on the guy, so hear me out b/c you also would notice this. by shear volume of times i piss and the fact we share a two stand-up urinal bathroom, i run into the same people over and over and over again. it’s like Groundhog Day, but with more porcelain. the first time i pissed next to Mr. Stanford, i heard a paper ruffling sound coming from waist high. i figured maybe he had a paper towel in his hand, and while it would seem weird to handle your johnson in such close quarters with one of those pieces of tree bark they call paper towels, who am i to fault the man. he’s from India, what the fsck do i know?

but a few weeks later, it happened again. he’s pissing next to me and i hear the sound of scrunching paper and this time i notice he’s doing the old hippy-hippy-shake. again, seems odd, but hey, i still figure it’s nothing.

last week same deal. except this time i am almost certain: Captain Google-School is wiping his pecker when he finishes pissing! now i haven’t seen anything, but i can’t help but think this is what is happening. at first, i am really weirded out by this. who wipes their dick? well, besides the Rolling Stones, years 1970 to 1998. but the more i thought about it i wondered: should i be wiping my dick? is this some ritual that i missed out on b/c my mom raised me by her lonesome when i was ages 6 to 11?

when i saw that he turns on the faucets with a paper towel and opens the door with a paper towel, i did relax a little. is Monk Indian?


just a quick update…

August 9, 2008
Filed under: latest update — bcd @ 9:20 am

my momseseses has been in the hospital for the last week; she had an angiogram and two new stents put in. her recovery was hampered a little by the healing of the site where they thread the angiogram tube in (largest vein in the body, for the win!) but overall her health is good and she is bored shitless waiting to get out – we are hoping today is that day.

so i have been hustling to and fro between work, hospital, home all week…thus no updates and missed fun times like Dr. Pauly’s 5th Anniversary tourney extravaganza. sucks to be me. also, this is the month we are sending our latest project at work to QA with an attempt to go live with all Chase partners near the middle of August. suffice to say, i was at work till 9PM last night and i am dreading a certain call today. oh well, it is nice to receive a paycheck!

anyway, still waiting for the frame to show up; i would expect today. i am hoping for a spare sec to make it by West End so i can query about what parts to build it up with. since it originally was a mix of Ultegra and Bontrager, i am thinking of using those. plus some high end training wheelset. heh. more on that front at it happens.

off like a dirty shirt….

Edouardo slams (not!) Houston – millions endangered (by the local news)

August 5, 2008
Filed under: weather — bcd @ 8:08 am


it’s a tropical storm! run for the hills!

i love when they run the local pledges out into the storm, to get the ‘local flavor’; here is a schmoe who is out at a gas station to report that gas prices are down ahead of the storm. good news for those of us who plan to fill up our Excursion and head to Austin to out run the massive storm surge.

gas is cheap!

and nothing makes me happier than watching the lowly wannabes stand out in the rain, b/c we all know that we wouldn’t believe/understand rain, unless they actually show us it is happening. right? i mean, is rain even wet? Marissa Reyes knows!

rain is wet!

stay tuned folks – maybe i’ll live blog all the destruction that is surely imminent.

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley

August 4, 2008
Filed under: bicycles,weather — bcd @ 10:23 pm

that Robert Burns, he was a helluva guy. i remember this quote about once a month, never repeating it with the ending “oft go awry” but always as it was written (quoted in the title), mostly b/c my AP English teacher in high school was badass.

so why am i quoting some 18th century poem for ya? b/c my plans after work were to hit the local grocery for supplies for both home and the shop. today happened to coincide with Hurricane Panic 2008, Edouard Edition!

wtf? seriously, the grocery store was a mad house. i went down the soda aisle, which also happens to be the water aisle – it looked like the hurricane had already hit. i expected to see physical violence with Sexy Susie Suburbs clawing Cougar Cathy Careermom’s eyes out over the last bottle of Fiji water. it was out of control.

so i got that going for me, which was the opposite of nice. as in shitty.

anyway, i lived, but my planning is not the best. i guess watching the weather during the weekend might have clued me in. although, seriously (again), it’s a fscking tropical storm. we live on the Gulf Coast. haven’t you mother scratchers seen these before? i don’t think this qualifies as “hell or high water” territory. do we really need to be hording water and batteries for something lower than a Cat 3? jebus.

in better news, check it:

2006 Klein Reve X

2006 Klein Reve X

that, my friends, is a 2006 Klein Reve X. i bought it on eBay today. we’ll see when it gets here if this is going to qualify for the road bike i want, or if i end up building it up with average parts and keeping it b/c i have a soft spot for Kleins. i am seriously wowed by the Specialized Tarmac and the Trek Mardone, as well as the Ibis Silk…but i couldn’t pass up this Klein frame, especially with the kooky rear elastomer!

so stay tuned to see if this frame gets a sweet setup of maybe Dura-Ace or Record; if i let it replace getting a whole new bike, then it is going to get the trick shit build.


giant (strike) rat invades Houston!

Filed under: humorous — bcd @ 10:42 am

today i feel like Houston became a real city…or i became a real citizen of the fourth largest city in the nation; behold, the strike rat!

strike rat!

i guess strike rats have been popping up all over the nation. since Houston doesn’t really have a unionized labor force, no wonder it has taken so long for me to see one. these guys are protesting our building management over labor, unions, and the janitorial staff. appears that Strike Rat might have some legal issues, too!

wonder how much a strike rat would cost? maybe we get an eight foot dog for outside our shop?

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