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May 2008
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Poker Stars Steps to the WSOP

May 24, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 12:29 pm

i have started trying my hand at the Stars Steps, even though i haven’t probably played a SNG in a year.  at the time it seemed like a good idea!

i skipped Step One and went straight into $27 Step Two, which i promptly lost in like 7th.  nice.  on my second try i made it into Step Three.

at this point i though it best if i read something.  after scanning 2+2 i decided a book might be best.  so i picked up Colin Moshman’s Sit ‘N Go Strategy.  i also pulled out OPR for the 1st time, since judging from the 2+2 forums, a lot of SNG regs are going this route.

i’m about halfway through Moshman’s book.  so far nothing that has blown me away.  it is a solid book, but at this stage in my tourney life, i have encountered most of this.  i am guessing the last half will help me immensely.  i haven’t bought the SNG Power Tools yet and probably won’t, but i understand ICM and have since way back when it was a “new” concept.  heh.

at Step 3 i placed 3rd in my first try, which means the whole Groundhog Day extravaganza.  i also notice some crazy table selection going on, like this morning when i saw AJunglen7 playing with Dante_11.  there were also at least two other +ROI players at the table.  WTF?  defintely avoiding that shiet.

on my second try i won the Step 3, so i am in possession of a $215 Step Four ticket.  i was pretty unimpressed with the play at Step 3.  tight is right in the early stages and yet i saw some pretty loose play, esp calling all-ins.  it was a table with several Euros at it.  those crazy Euros.

i am guessing Step Four is going to be a little tougher.  i will of course try and practice some good table selection.  i also am going to read the latter half of Moshman’s book!


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