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May 2008
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ultimate bet cheat dot com

May 21, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 10:14 pm

if you have been living under a poker rock, crawl out and head over to this is going to forward you to one of the most complete and well-written articles on the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet superuser scandal.

it’s been said many places, but just in case you are new to online poker and thinking of playing for money: DO NOT PLAY AT ABSOLUTE POKER OR ULTIMATE BET.  just don’t.  you would be best served to head to Poker Stars or Full Tilt for your real money play.  trust me!

poker bots just want love

Filed under: poker — bcd @ 10:10 pm

i’m not sure if anyone saw this on digg, but Coding The Wheel has a great multipart series on building the perfect poker bot. this is a fairly technical set of articles, but even if you are a non-techie, the gist is still pretty easy to understand.

from the programming side, i gotta say that this is generally some deep programming stuff. Windows API programming is not for the light-hearted and you will more than likely have to use C++; no C# for you! but the articles are so well written and researched it almost makes you think you could do it. go ahead and try! heh.

also of interest is the list of books he recommends: i’ve gotta agree that the Flynn/Mehta/Miller book is one of the greatest written.

one part that i agree with is that programming security is something that should be exposed to the light of day. it serves a narrow purpose when people don’t want to highlight the shortcomings of technology and the implementations. several years ago this was how window’s hacks were treated, until the white hats came out and showed that publicizing the problems leads to better and more stable code (in the long run; in the short run – it can hurt!)

bookmark the site and check back for what appears to be weekly updates!

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