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May 2008
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i got knocked the fsck out!

May 18, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 2:09 am

made a deep run in the $11.5K Knock-Out tourney on Sat night.  overall i was pretty happy with my play, even though i am disappointed with the result.

up till about the antes i was slowly falling into the bottom quarter of the ranks.  then once the antes kicked in i turned on the aggression, made some great reads for calls, and catapulted up to the top three.  i even held first for some time.

when we got down to three tables i took two beats from the same guy that put me in about 6th.  i ended up making a push on the table chip leader who called with top pair, shit kicker.  so is life, good call by him.

funniest part of the tournament came when i knocked out player Baby Shanks.  this player had a VP$IP under 18% so i pretty much wasn’t contesting hands unless i had a chance to make the winner.  finally we got into a hand where Baby Shanks raised under-the-gun and it folded to me in the BB; i called with a pair of sixes and ended up flopping a set on a raggy, rainbow board.  Baby Shanks bet the flop, hit the king on the turn and went all-in on the river.  the AK was no goot to my set.  that wasn’t the funny part.  the table broke and i got to a new table.  Baby Shanks followed and tossed out these remarks in the chat:

Baby Shanks (Observer): gh whore master
Baby Shanks (Observer): sneaky ##%!$
Baby Shanks (Observer): pig
Baby Shanks (Observer): !&$@

LOL.  too fscking funny.  yeah, sneaky!  isn’t that the point of set mining?

anyway, i am off to sleep.  maybe i’ll used these i’ll gotten gains for the FTOPS tomorrow.  we’ll see.


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