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May 2008
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now i know what it feels like to be Astin!

May 15, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 2:21 pm

last night was the Mookie and i made another attempt at winning my TOC seat.  for the second time i made the final table, with almost the same result, going out in 4th.

there were 100 runners last night, a pretty thick field of the usual suspects.  unlike the last time i went deep, i was a card rack pretty much all night.  i got aces twice and kings once, although of those i got a walk in the BB with one occurrence of the aces and the kings.  nothing sucks more than a walk with a big pair, other than maybe getting action and losing with them!  early on i had several middle pairs where i was willing to flip; i got wired nines and tens all-in preflop and both times hit sets on the flop to win the hand.  i would later get it AIPF with wired 5s, flop a set, turn a full house, only to have RaisingCayne river a larger full house.  so sick!  RC you owe me a beer!

to tell you how well i was running, at the end of the first hour i had an M of 46 and was in the top 3 in chips.  ten minutes later, starting the second level post-break i had an M of 71.  it was a good ten minutes.  even after losing the full house suckout hand, i started the 100/200 level with an M of 34.

i vacillated from 1st to 3rd during the ensuing ante rounds.  Evy35 was very active to my right and held the top spot for many a round.  she amassed a huge stack in a 3-way AIPF hand with AK, which hit.  PokerBrian322 also was running well and playing very tight, so i tried to stay out of his way.  speaking of tight, i think only myself and Evy35 were above 30% in our VP$IP.  i guess part of that for me was catching cards, although i made an effort to use my stack early to keep pressure on the other players.  translation: i was stealing pretty liberally and when getting called my hands stood up.  i like that kind of poker!

so if i was playing that way early on, what happened?  when we were down to the bubble i got moved to Hoy’s table.  Hoy had a below average stack and was playing aggressively.  i made an effort to stay out of his way, which also meant that i was allowing him to pop my BB at will.  i think what this meant most was that when we hit the final table, i was an average stack in 6th place.  it’s hard to say i should have played more aggressively on the bubble; i really had some shitty hands, but how often do the cards matter?  this is certainly an area i need to improve in.

when down to four JD Schellnutt was just rolling the table.  it was all Evy35, Mattazuma and i could do to stay out of his way.  JD was the only one of us who already had his TOC seat and he was well on his way to getting a second.  he pushed with almost any ace, hit his hands and wrecked havoc on our stacks.  i finally made a move with QJ suited and JD called with ace-little.  i turned a jack and he rivered an ace.  as the railed said many times last night, “standard.”  Matt went out in 3rd shortly thereafter leaving Evy35 and JD heads-up.

at this point, all of us on the rail figured and stated that a deal should be made.  Evy35 needed a seat and JD already had one.  Evy35 offered, but JD was silent.  after the match was done JD would say that he was multi-tabling and missed her chat.  whatever the reason, Evy35 ended up in second and JD picked up a useless second seat.

so here is a change i would like to see: when we have TOC seats that have no monetary value, i would like to see people who win more than one forfeit the multiples to the people in 2nd place in those tourneys.  now i know that this is essentially giving up EV, since winning multiple seats means further limiting the TOC field, but honestly, this is a blogger championship.  imo – the goal here should be to allow as many as people as possible the chance to win a seat; it is in Full Tilt’s benefit for more people to have a chance…and it is their money they are donating!  of course i feel this way b/c i don’t have a TOC seat and some players like Lucko have won 3!! wow – 3!

so all in all, i played my heart out, had some great cards, withstood some beats, won some races and the best i could do was fourth.  it still rings hollow today as it did last night.  of course, tonight is one more chance in the Riverchasers!  hope springs eternal!

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