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May 2008
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a little bit of ugly goes a long way

May 13, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 11:34 pm

greetings. as you can see, i haven’t done much to the site as far as aesthetics; i haven’t even decided that this will be the theme that i use. heh. anyway, sometime i will get around to making it purty…or asking someone with graphical skills to lend a hand.

haven’t been playing a ton of poker. i did play the Hoy on Monday and went out in the mid-20s. not very impressive. pretty much the highlight was getting Loretta to blow up on my push with KK preflop. two hands previous helped set it up and Full Tilt was nice enough to grace me with kings within a reasonable time frame…oh yeah, and they held! since i am a whore, here are the hand histories:

Loretta’s BB vs my SB:

very next hand, my button push on Loretta’s SB:

one orbit later, i trap with kings:

you’ll notice the pissing war with my SB vs. his BB when i limped to complete. the very next hand with the button i return the all-in bluff – AJ is gold, Jerry! my bluff pot was actually bigger and i think he tilted a little. then came the kings. after he bounced he parted with a “retarded” comment, but i am sure he was describing his play; certainly not mine! unfortunately, Loretta is in the TOC and i am not. so who has the last laugh?

tonight was the Skill game; i wanted to play a little while watching the Astros, so even though i have NO CLUE how to play Omaha Eight or Better or Stud Hi-Lo combine that with the fact that the last game was Limit Hold’Em…well shiet, i just had to play. i dusted off the Super System 2 and skimmed Bobby Baldwin’s chapter on OEB and Todd Brunson’s chapter on SHL. the gist i got was to play tight, which left me to LHE to blow off my chips, which i did. heh. then the following hand came up:

the only thing i think i got right is that pre-flop my hand was supposed to be an above average hand. Baldwin says start with the biggest pair you can and aces it is. i figured the 6-4 would help draw to low if i had to and i was at least suited in one ace. so preflop it was 3-bet. i really had no idea where i was on the flop and turn…so once the hand was over i had to put it into a card calculator to see where i was; guess i was OK. until the river. heh. check out the percentages:



anyway, you won’t see me crushing any Omaha or Stud games anytime soon. i r suxorz.

i think it was Sunday night that i won a satellite into the 50-50, but opted to keep the T$. so nice that Full TIlt is now offering this. the war between Full Tilt and Poker Stars really is close. i still love Full Tilt’s interface more, so of course all my money goes there. i have no clue why people would play places like Absolute or UB. wtf?

alright, that’s about all i have time for. check back to how much more ugly i can make the site!

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