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May 2008
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men at work

May 7, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 5:49 pm

pardon the mess…futzing with the themes and trying to get things setup is a pain in the arse.  if i wasn’t so fscking lazy i would just rip the CSS out and re-write it.  but i AM lazy, so i will spend a little more time trying to either gussy up this theme or find another one.

anywho.  for shiggles i played in my first “skill” tourney last night, which was not only limit, but also Razz.  i attempted to prepare by pulling out the old, trusty Super System, which features about 6 pages written by some guy that is probably dead – possibly from self-inflicted wounds if he was primarily a Razz player.  after about 30 min i remember why i don’t play limit: it feels like card catching.  i know, i know, in truth there is a lot of skill in limit, but i don’t have any of that.  the one thing i did like about Razz is that you can see some upcards and make a guesstimate about what the other seven players maybe drawing to.  still, i only bested about half the field and that was mostly luck.

Monday i played in the Hoy and showed a perfect example of how not to play NLHE.  there literally was not a worse player than me, including the one person who went broke before me (in the Gigli.)  in usual fashion, i then settled down and played some random Guarantee Knock-Out tourney and made it into the money (while knocking a few peeps out too.)  i am beginning to player poker like Roy Oswalt pitches: erratic for the first few innings.

well, tonight is the Mook…gonna try my hand at that.  hopefully i won’t show my ass.

again, sorry for the look/feel.  i’ll get a round to fixing it shortly.


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