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May 2008
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poker penalty box and Every Hand Revealed

May 31, 2008
Filed under: books,poker — bcd @ 9:23 am

well, i couldn’t even handle my own self-imposed exile from poker.  sure i made it through Friday night, but i got up this AM and decided to start my Steps again.  after getting shot back down to Step 2 i would have to wade my way through.

to get to five handed, i got it AIPF with sevens vs tens.  allah smiled and i flopped a set.

to get to four handed, i snapped off aces with JKs, turning trips.

to get to three handed, i snapped off aces with QTo, making a straight.  this was blind v blind and AIPF.

i then held on to win my Step 3 ticket when Q8o finally took out the blinded down A5o.

so, i played pretty poor.  got really, really lucky.  won my ticket.


last night i finished [u]Every Hand Revealed[/u] and [u]Hats & Eyeglasses[/u].  i was impressed with Hats & Eyeglasses, a memior of a Hollywood fluff writer who grew up in New York.  some great poker stories in here and her description of getting hooked on Paradise Poker is pretty funny; at least she was able to beat the sickness!

Hansen’s book was O.K.  you really have to parse all the hands to get to the meat, which are some gems of how Gus thinks and his method to dissecting hands.  one thing for sure, Gus ran over his tables; no one put up a fight and he stole his way down to the final three.  Jimmy Fricke tried to answer some questions about the hands on 2+2 before some tard ran him off.  but Jimmy’s contention that all Gus looks at is pot odds is kinda true.  but then again, why would Gus look at anything else when no one was standing up to him?  Jimmy made some big pot errors to Gus, but when you look at the hands that Jimmy had to lay down to Gus’ aggression, i would assume he was pretty frustrated.  either way, it is a cheap book and worth some time.  someone on 2+2 suggested it should have been packed with the video of the tournament, which would have been cool.  you can go to PokerTube and watch a lot of it.


Hey everybody, we’re all gonna get laid!

May 30, 2008
Filed under: cities — bcd @ 8:15 am

Houston is handing out self-congratulatory blowjobs this morning after reported it the No. 1 city in the nation for, “beat-the-heat tunnels and loop-the-loop highways, world-class museums and wiry cowboys, humidity that demands an ice-cold martini and the biggest damn liquor store on the planet.”  whooopie!

look, i love my city, i do.  i have no intention of ever moving, which is why i want all you assholes to stay where you are.  i don’t want any CA douche nozzles showing up and ruining the fun.  all you out of work auto plant rednecks head somewhere else; we have enough rednecks as it is, even if you would just be pseudo-rednecks.

what makes me “meh” this story is that this is no different than in the 70s.  the last time we had an energy crisis and gas/oil prices soared, Houston was also top of the pops.  i remember going to school and everyday some new kid from PA or OH showed up, their parents moving b/c Houston had tons of jobs…all due to the energy crunch.  i also remember the 80s, when oil got cheap, tax revenue fell and no one wanted to live here.  suburban sprawl took over, white flight, and a crime way engulfed the city.  businesses moved/consolidated and middle management got laid off by the thousands.

this is all just a cycle kids.  get used to it!


May 29, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 12:17 pm

i’m still on tilt i think from busting out of the Mookie last night.  i basically called off my stack preflop with wired twos.  called off to the guy who not only has a TOC seat but also has something like 7 BBT3 final tables.  FMITGA!

what has me tilted is that i kinda thought about what i was doing and still did it.  i remember looking at twos in EP (might have even been UTG) and thinking, “i should fold these.  a raise OOP with twos is just horrible.”  and then i raised pot anyway.  WTF?

we were down to the final two tables.  i had scratched my way there and was about a median stack.  the previous hand i has raised in EP with AKs and bayne called in late position (SB, BB maybe?).  he must have been in the blinds b/c the flop came J-J-Q and he lead out and i opted to fold.  i was frustrated that i missed the flop, frustrated that i had been missing all the flops, frustrated that i was giving up so easy on flops; maybe that’s what lead to my meltdown.

i had aces five times and kings four times last night.  all five aces were either folded to me or folded to my 3xBB open.  yes, i made NO MONEY from the aces, other than blinds.  WTF?  three of the kings were the same way.  the fourth time i took out a short stack who had an M of less than 6.  i know that was tilting me.

i dunno what the issue was, just poor luck, i guess.  my VP$IP was between 24-30 pretty much the whole tourney, so i dunno how i could be looser.  i was stealing as much as i needed to stay at median.  FTP just couldn’t hook me up with an aces vs kings.  or kings vs queens.  everyone must have believed i had it or just was staying out of the way.  my tables were really tight…some with a VP$IP below 14%…including mine averaged in!

anyway, crashing like that just deflated me.  it was just a little past midnight when i busted out and headed to bed; the last time i looked at the clock was 1:30AM.  i slept like shiet and i am still pretty pissed at myself.  F S C K !

so i might just hang loose until the Big Game on Sunday.  maybe a couple of days away will soothe the savage beast.

Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.

May 27, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 4:40 pm

as an update: i got stuck for a moment in the Poker Stars Step 3s; finished twice in 3rd, both times getting it all-in preflop as a favorite only to get sucked out on.  third time proved to be a charm and i made my way to Step 4.

after making a run yesterday in the $8.80 double Shootout on Full Tilt and winning T$220 i thought i would be ready for Step 4.  think again.  i patiently waited till it was time to start gambling and promptly went out in 6th when i ran AJ into AK AIPF.  nice!  so i am back to Step motherscrathin Two.  ugh.

last night i also tried to blow a player off pocket tens on a rainbow flop that was eight high.  when the two came on the turn, i jammed with my AQ and got called and went out 2nd to last in the Hoy.  i am officially calling 2nd to last as “Jersey Girl”.  running out of chances for the ol’ TOC….


Poker Stars Steps to the WSOP

May 24, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 12:29 pm

i have started trying my hand at the Stars Steps, even though i haven’t probably played a SNG in a year.  at the time it seemed like a good idea!

i skipped Step One and went straight into $27 Step Two, which i promptly lost in like 7th.  nice.  on my second try i made it into Step Three.

at this point i though it best if i read something.  after scanning 2+2 i decided a book might be best.  so i picked up Colin Moshman’s Sit ‘N Go Strategy.  i also pulled out OPR for the 1st time, since judging from the 2+2 forums, a lot of SNG regs are going this route.

i’m about halfway through Moshman’s book.  so far nothing that has blown me away.  it is a solid book, but at this stage in my tourney life, i have encountered most of this.  i am guessing the last half will help me immensely.  i haven’t bought the SNG Power Tools yet and probably won’t, but i understand ICM and have since way back when it was a “new” concept.  heh.

at Step 3 i placed 3rd in my first try, which means the whole Groundhog Day extravaganza.  i also notice some crazy table selection going on, like this morning when i saw AJunglen7 playing with Dante_11.  there were also at least two other +ROI players at the table.  WTF?  defintely avoiding that shiet.

on my second try i won the Step 3, so i am in possession of a $215 Step Four ticket.  i was pretty unimpressed with the play at Step 3.  tight is right in the early stages and yet i saw some pretty loose play, esp calling all-ins.  it was a table with several Euros at it.  those crazy Euros.

i am guessing Step Four is going to be a little tougher.  i will of course try and practice some good table selection.  i also am going to read the latter half of Moshman’s book!


Vegas revenue down…Macau ain’t gonna save ya!

May 22, 2008
Filed under: casinos — bcd @ 4:40 pm

there has been some recent press about the problems Las Vegas is feeling due to (a) housing bubble, (b) credit crunch, (c) oil prices i.e. airline ticket prices, etc.

up until a few months ago, all the big wigs at the major casinos were poo pooing the demise of Vegas, mostly on their hedge with the new casinos in Macau. well, today’s WSJ had an article about the revenue crunch they are feeling in Macau and the hows/whys. here is a very similar story to the WSJ’s that is not paid-content.

somewhat interesting that all these multi-billion dollar hotel/casino/resorts have no real clue on how the Macau scene works. ok, actually after reading Winner Takes All by Christina Binkley it doesn’t surprise me much that many of these megalomaniacs missed this. i am nodding at you, Mr. Wynn.

sounds like overall those vacationers who have a little coin and have been waiting to travel to Vegas, you days are coming. i would posit that post-WSOP there are going to be some deals for people who want to spend some summer days in the 120+ Vegas heat.

ultimate bet cheat dot com

May 21, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 10:14 pm

if you have been living under a poker rock, crawl out and head over to this is going to forward you to one of the most complete and well-written articles on the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet superuser scandal.

it’s been said many places, but just in case you are new to online poker and thinking of playing for money: DO NOT PLAY AT ABSOLUTE POKER OR ULTIMATE BET.  just don’t.  you would be best served to head to Poker Stars or Full Tilt for your real money play.  trust me!

poker bots just want love

Filed under: poker — bcd @ 10:10 pm

i’m not sure if anyone saw this on digg, but Coding The Wheel has a great multipart series on building the perfect poker bot. this is a fairly technical set of articles, but even if you are a non-techie, the gist is still pretty easy to understand.

from the programming side, i gotta say that this is generally some deep programming stuff. Windows API programming is not for the light-hearted and you will more than likely have to use C++; no C# for you! but the articles are so well written and researched it almost makes you think you could do it. go ahead and try! heh.

also of interest is the list of books he recommends: i’ve gotta agree that the Flynn/Mehta/Miller book is one of the greatest written.

one part that i agree with is that programming security is something that should be exposed to the light of day. it serves a narrow purpose when people don’t want to highlight the shortcomings of technology and the implementations. several years ago this was how window’s hacks were treated, until the white hats came out and showed that publicizing the problems leads to better and more stable code (in the long run; in the short run – it can hurt!)

bookmark the site and check back for what appears to be weekly updates!

why Omatard sucks

May 20, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 9:20 pm

there is no best hand…till the river!

don’t squeeze the charmin

May 19, 2008
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 11:15 am

i think i may have found the softest satellite running on Full Tilt. i think normal player protocol would require me to keep this gem a secret, but hey, shouldn’t everyone have a chance at some free T$?

usually i play in the $26 and $75 Token Frenzies. these used to be pretty soft, sometimes even running with overlay. but in the last several months these tourneys have not only been filling up, they have been filling up with more skilled players. it might be a trend overall in online poker; the amount of fish are fading fast.

it used to be pretty normal to see people getting it all in with a flush draw on the turn or second pair on the flop. slowly but surely i have seen a decrease in the number of players who practice these poor plays; chalk this up to the number of sites out there that offer video training (Cardrunners, Stoxpoker, PokerXFactor, etc) as well as a shrinking in the pool of players overall as the UIGEA still impacts drawing in new players.

BUT – thank god there still are some donkeys! i have played for the last two Sundays in the satellite to the 50-50 that runs on Sunday. this is an $8.80 tourney to win $55. both times i have played i have won a seat. i then have promptly unregistered and used those T$ for another day, often time $75 satellites for the WSOP or FTOPS series.

last night was my second win; i also noticed Bayne picked up a win in the same tourney (IIRC, when his pocket twos in the SB fought off pocket kings in the BB! go mighty ducks!) i expect to see more bloggers play in these now that T$ are pretty much a better deal than tokens.  i dunno if my results speak to Sundays being weaker than other days.  YMMV.

speaking of: isn’t the implementation of T$ kinda the end for token frenzies? the T$ are much more useful, since you can slice and dice them into any amount you want. i can’t think of a compelling reason why i would want a $75 token instead of 75T$? bueller?


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