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Martha’s polishing the brass on the Titanic. It’s all going down, man.

December 16, 2008
Filed under: mortgage scandal,TV — bcd @ 11:23 pm

it amazes me sometimes how much i see of my parents in myself.  every time i laugh and hear my dads laugh, it’s hard not to think back to all those times when in anger i said i would never grow up to be like him.  now i wish i could be more like him.  time and perspective, kids; time and perspective.

a lot of the TV shows that i watch as an adult started as habits as a child with my mom.  i still watch (really TiVo) 60 Minutes every week; it was ritual with my mom to spend Sunday evening preparing for the coming week and to watch 60 Minutes.  these days i am lucky if i get to see it all; often i just listen to the podcast at work and end up deleting the episode from TiVo.  take that advertisers!

in spite of my habits, this week i watched Sunday’s episode on Monday.  Scott Pelley did a segment on the impending second wave mortgage disaster, something i was already aware and scared of and something that i knew most people were oblivious to.  ignorance is bliss.

while watching the episode i had to restrain myself from throwing the remote through my big screen.  listening to acupuncturist Rula Giosmas sent me into life tilt and of course, despite being 100% to blame for her situation and 100% blame for the problems her greed and ignorance have inflicted on others, this bitch still had the temerity to think she deserved a workout.  i think she even claimed she felt misled.

it’s hard to not be a misanthrope when everywhere you look some fscking douche-nozzle is trying their best to lie, cheat and steal their way to riches.  hard work is for suckers, man.

humanity is doomed; accept it and move on folks.

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