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all the news that’s fit to…wipe your ass with – by John Lomax

June 3, 2010
Filed under: music — bcd @ 7:15 pm

a few days ago i had a back-and-forth via twitter with Felix Salmon (of the pseudo-deceased Conde Nast Portfolio, now with Reuters and Wired) in regards to Lynn Hirschberg’s Sunday NYT Magazine’s piece on MIA.

Salmon, a real fscking journalist IMO, thought it was a hit-piece (Hirschberg did a so-called hit-piece on Courtney Love oh-so-many-years ago.) I thought the french-fry setup was throw-away and MIA’s response on her website was trite and had the depth that is displayed by many twenty-somethings who can’t write a cogent paragraph and instead think that links alone will tell their story.

So if the NYT story was a “hit-piece” then i wonder what this tripe would be?

Part of my distaste for what the Houston Press has become are stories like these: National Inquiresque, tabloid journalism. sure, that description has the word ‘journalism’ in it, but is it really? and Lomax? He was born and bred at the Houston Press and is Houston’s new reigning king of this shit genre that passes for real media.

i am sure this douchestain from Blue October is playing up his affliction. heck, it might even be 100% fake; i could care fscking less about the band, the singer, his fans, or even his crusade to save the legion of gothed-out, emo masses who are lining up at Ace Hardwares across the U.S. for razor blades. But – my take is that Lomax smelled a great chance at getting a cheap cover story when he was granted an hour with Furstenfeld and being the Weekly World News journalist that Lomax is, well let’s just say he knows a bat child story when he sees one.

sad. and standard.

2009 Best Of…Music

December 31, 2009
Filed under: music — bcd @ 8:28 pm

Best Ressurection:

Alice In Chains – Black Gives Way To Blue
I knew Layne Staley died in 2002 and yet as i listened to “Black Gives Way To Blue” it was like he never left. It might sound trite that a band with a new singer sounds just like their old shiet, but in the case of Alice In Chains, this is a pure compliment. Alice In Chains ruled the 90s, and like Nirvana, burned out with their loss. Give credit to Jerry Cantrell’s writing and musicianship because their 2009 comeback is as good as anything in their catalog.

Best ‘Snatching the pebble from the hand’:

Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Master Kan: Quickly as you can, snatch the pebble from my hand.
[Young Caine tries to do so and fails]
Master Kan: When you can take the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.

For years Phoenix played second fiddle to Air’s lead as French synch kings. 2009′s “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” changes all that. Air’s 2009 release “Love 2″ was oblique at best; Phoenix one-upped their 2004 “Alphabetical”, which i loved, charting all the way to 37 on Billboard.

Best New B.R.M.C./The Raveonettes Album:

The Big Pink – A Brief History Of Love
RIYL; What more can i say?

Best Flashback:

Jane’s Addiction – A Cabinet Of Curiosities [Disc 3]
The whole box set is fantastic, but this particular disc takes me back to Lollapalooza 1991 in Dallas. Disc 3 is Live at the Palladium 12/19/90 and it might have been Jane’s at their pinnacle.

Best Welcome Back:

Jason Lytle – Yours Truly, The Commuter
“last thing i heard i was left for dead / i could give two shits about what they said / i maybe limpin’ / but i’m coming home”
Watch Jason Lytle at SXSW in 2009

Best New Artist:

Kid Cudi – Man On The Moon: The End Of Day
Part hip-hop, part new wave, 100% amazing. Not even Hova could touch this album, so instead he just featured Cudi on “The Blueprint 3″. One generation begets the next.

Best Concept Album:

Mastodon – Crack the Skye
What’s a concept album? Read it here. Track #4 is almost eleven minutes of awesome.

Best Cover Album:

Rosanne Cash – The List
NPR did an interview with Rosanne Cash, where she explains “The List” and its origin; don’t argue with The Man In Black.

Best Super Group:

Them Crooked Vultures – [self-titled]
Led Zepplin? check.
Nirvana / Foo Fighters? check.
Kyuss / Queens of the Stone Age? check.
All systems go!

Best Band of the Decade:

Wilco – Wilco [the album]
Here’s Wilco’s offerings for the first decade of the 21st century:
*Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002)
*A Ghost Is Born (2004)
*Kicking Television: Live in Chicago (2005)
*Sky Blue Sky (2007)
*Wilco (The Album) (2009)
Any questions as to why i called them “Band of the Decade”? No group produced as many great albums during this decade; they capped it off with “Wilco The Album” which i enjoyed all Summer, then the Fall, and here we are in December and i am still playing it. Do yourself a favor – if you don’t have all of these albums (including the live “Kicking Television”) use some of your Xmas money and get them now.

Best Buy – A Cabinet of Scamming

April 26, 2009
Filed under: music — bcd @ 4:43 pm

Jane’s Addiction released a new box set this week, A Cabinet of Curiosities.  filled w/mostly previously unreleased demos and live cuts, plus a DVD, it is both a must have for Gen Xers and those in Gen Y who prolly are wondering, “who the fsck are Jane’s Addiction.”

while preparing to buy the set via Amazon on Sunday, i read a review that said Best Buy not only had the set for pretty much the same price, but also were including a fifth disc.  paying an extra $2 for another disc is a pretty damn good value, so even though i am loathe to leave the house on Sunday’s, i climbed in Monster Truck and headed to my local Best Buy.

after fruitlessly searching for the box set at my local Best Buy, i used their public terminal to search via their website and find that my location was all out, but the next location 10 min away had some.  so i trolled down to Richmond/Rosenberg, where Monster Truck fit right in amongst all the other Tea Bagger’s trucks in the parking lot (go Texas secession!) (that’s sarcasm, settle down, gentle readers.)

they had two (2?!) in stock and i bought one.  win for me.

after blasting CD #3 all the way home, making sure that i played “Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey” at top volume while cutting through Sweetwater and their  uppity country club, i arrived home to rip the CDs into iTunes.  and only then did i notice that i paid $64.94 for the box set – that is $59.99 plus tax.

at first i thought maybe the website price of $49.99 was web-only, but no, you can actually go pay $49.99 + tax on the website and then pick it up locally.  so what gives?

i call the Best Buy in Richmond/Rosenberg and after having to spell the band name to the 16 yr old who answered my call (and who obviously had no clue who Jane’s is/was/are) i was told that i could print out the webpage and bring it in where they would “price match” it and refund my $10.

uh, WTF?

so lemme get this straight: Best Buy is going to price match Best Buy?  what is the fscking purpose of having a website and local pickup if you are going to have to price match for your non-website using customers?

anyway, just keep this in mind whenever you are buying anything from Best Buy – they are obviously out to scam a buck any way they can.  guess it serves me right for ever thinking/trusting a retailer to not try to scam their clients.

and to Best Buy, who i now have to re-drive to to get my $10: FUCK YOU!

Best of…2008

January 3, 2009
Filed under: music — bcd @ 2:09 am

taking a tip from The Man Zack Lee, this year i am using Imeem for my Best Of list player. how can you beat it?

my goal was to put this out on Wednesday, Dec 31st, which would have truly made it after the last releases of 2008…but i am fscking lazy and was dealing with other issues at the time (don’t worry, mom’s biventricular pacemaker is all peachy-keen.) also, no lie, i was too lazy to boot my work laptop and pull the list off my desktop. so sad.

anyway, better never than late as i like to say. without further ado, my Best of…2008 list! eat your heart out Otter!

**best album to be played at my wake in lieu of contracting angles for services: Saturday = Youth by M83

Before The Dawn Heals Us was a favorite of 2005.  staying in the same vein and only making it better, this French band makes me wish Air still made music this good.  i played this CD more times driving home on the Fort Bend Toll Road past midnight, when i swear it could conjure up spirits from the fog-laden fields.

**best album that poses a question and then delivers the answer: Do You Like Rock Music? by British Sea Power

i wish i had found these guys on my own, but alas, as usual, David did all the work.  he did make sure i attended their show at Numbers, which helped solidify why these guys do in fact like rock music.

**best album by an artist i didn’t get in 2007: Microcastles by Deerhunter

you couldn’t throw a rock in 2007 without hitting a list raving about Bradford Cox; i tried to love Atlas Sound in 2007 but just didn’t.  color me slow, b/c not only was his Atlas Sound release during 2008 pretty damn tasty (Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See but Cannot Feel), but the Deerhunter release made me question why i even get to make a list after leaving his work off for 2007.

**best album that Nova gave me: Beautiful Freak by Eels

while i had heard about the Eels prior to 2008, i don’t think i paid much attention.  then PBS Nova did a special about Mark Everett and his quantum physicist father.  i went straight from the episode to his albums to his book.  color me sold.  thanks PBS – check is in the mail!

**best junk food for your ears: Feed The Animals by Girl Talk

Night Ripper was in constant play during 2007.  at one point i had to hide it from my wife b/c she was playing it too much.  seriously.  thank god, Gregg Gillis gave us something new (and better) for 2008.  no one has made Journey sound so cool.

**best album you could have had for free: Tha Carter III by Lil’ Wayne

by the time this hit the stores, i must have had 3 copies of all the songs and that excludes the fact that Weezy got in an argument with some DJ who leaked the whole damn CD in its entirety.  no matter, he sold bajillions and with good reason: it is hip hop at its best for 2008.  kudos to the man!

**best album by a Muslim who America should love a lot more: The Renaissance by Q-Tip

finally, after almost 10 years, Q-Tip remembered that his fans were waiting, in the desert, hoping to make it to the Promised Land. put this with Lil’ Wayne’s release you have all the hip hop you need for 2008.  this track, Move, amazes me; catch the beat breakdown at 2:50, where is goes from Amplified to Midnight Marauders.  so strong – the old and the new, wrapped up for our enjoyment.

**best album by a band i discovered b/c of drugs: Songs In A&E by Spiritualized

i bought 1997′s Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space b/c i read about the “dosage” packaging and thought, any band that puts that much into their packaging, well, where there’s smoke….twelve years later, Jason Pierce is still making some of the best music out there – melody, orchestra, and lyrics for the tri-fecta!  plus he released this in a limited edition green vinyl – super cool.

**best album by a group i got in 2007: Dear Science by TV On The Radio

not much left to say about these guys – pretty much everyone picked their CD as best in 2008.  glad i jumped on the bandwagon in 2007 with their Return to Cookie Mountain release.

**best album by a Texas band: What Doesn’t Kill Us by What Made Milwaukee Famous

i saw these guys in 2007; just like the album, they blew me away.  then they went and released their Sugarhill Sessions for free for about a month.  ain’t nothing better.

**best album by the next generation of Gallaghers: Only By The Night by Kings Of Leon

another band i wished i had found myself.  David gave my wife their very first album, back when even people in Europe hadn’t heard of these guys.  four albums later and i am still in love with them…even if David and my wife don’t quiet get it.

**best album that makes you want to grow a beard: For Emma, Forever Ago by Bon Iver

this is cheating: i heard the ranting and raving about Bon Iver during the summer.  despite that, i ignored the obvious hints to buy this album.  then, when almost everyone else was adding it to their best of ’08 lists, i bought it in early November.  i have listened to it almost daily since.  no lie.  both quiet and strong at the same time.  clearly one of the greatest things since sliced bread and Pet Sounds.  congrats to the beards.

Best of…2008

Girl Talk will get hot & sticky in Houston

August 31, 2008
Filed under: music — bcd @ 12:56 pm

no time to mention all the bullshiet going on…just let it be noted that i am working harder than a Vegas whore during a RNC convention.

wanted to link up a Girl Talk live show from 1.27.07 aptly titled Girl Talk Murders Seattle.

Girl Talk is playing Houston Oct 18th.  my tickets are purchased and printed.  thank god it’s a Saturday show!


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