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This isn’t Russia. Is this Russia? This isn’t Russia.

April 16, 2011
Filed under: poker,politics — bcd @ 11:15 am


Full Tilt Seized

gotta love our government. or not.

Dear Supreme Court of the United States…

November 28, 2010
Filed under: politics — bcd @ 10:24 pm

please go fuck yourselves.

warmest regards,
brently c. davenport, esq.

re: 60 Minutes interview with John Paul Stevens

re: re: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

re: re: re: legal peronality

RNC’s Frankenstein moment

May 8, 2010
Filed under: politics — bcd @ 6:54 pm

the astroturfed Tea Baggers turn on their own.

someone please create a cartoon of Frankenstein (labeled “Tea Party”) and show him running amok among the right wing (characters labeled “Romney” and “NRA”). Frankenstein should be screaming, “MORE CON-SERV-ATIVE!”

if you think this is all about Obama, then you must be a Republican.

November is going to look like The French Revolution…all incumbents blood running ankle deep in the streets.

but hey, John Cornyn says, “Just let them eat cake!” (Or would that be, “Just let them Drill baby, drill!”)

c’mon, Chip Saltsman is the new Al Franken!

December 26, 2008
Filed under: politics — bcd @ 6:34 pm

hey Chip,

man, sorry to hear about the ol’ shit hitting the fan.  those damn liberals, they just don’t get a joke.

now Chip, i just want to play Devil’s Advocate here, OK?  i am totally on your side and i think Paul Shanklin is hil-ar-ious!  i mean, who doesn’t love his “John Edward’s Poverty Tour” or “The Star-Spanglish Banner”?  that is funny shit, man!

ok, but back to Devil’s Advocate: see, i think what people are upset about, when they get past what appears racist and clearly partisian, well, i think most people are asking, “Why?”  i mean, Chip, what exactly did you think you were going to get out of the old gift bag with the CD in it?  obviously, you are sending these out to fellow Republicans and there is no need to prove your stripes there – i mean, you worked for and ran a campaign for Mike Huckabee.  yeah, we all watched Huckster on that awful, liberal show, but hey, he towed the line, didn’t he?  so we know you can hate, er, defend our Christian rights as a Nation, with the best of them.

no, i think what i am asking is, isn’t this CD in the gift bag kinda all downside?  i mean, you aren’t going to win friends and influence people with this, right?  we all agree with you – The Big O DID win because white America clearly voted out of guilt over slavery and Jim Crow.  so what was the upside?

now, we know being the vast intelligencia behind Huckster’s successful run for Vice-President (we can’t blame you for Huckster having balls, can we?) that you surely forsaw what would happen when the Liberal_Media got a hold of this.  so we’re confused.  see, to win in 2012, we now know that we need to expand on our Southern Strategy…but explicit racism, err, humor, seems a little too overt.

so i hope to see you out in the press in the coming days, Chip.  we need you to explain this away, which i am sure you can do!  i mean, look how well Huckster did!

thanks for your ear, Chip.  chin up, kiddo!

And at the end of all your lines, Who will love you?

December 17, 2008
Filed under: politics — bcd @ 11:56 pm

But it wasn’t until the end that he answered the question on everyone’s mind– Should he move up to the next level? How fast can he dodge shoes?
“Listen, I have great federal experience dodging eggs.  I’ll just say this too, I think all Americans and all people on this earth should treat President Bush in office and after office with respect. Diversity means that you respect somebody else’s views and somebody else’s judgments, even if you disagree with that individual.”

what an awesome display of political bullshit.  let me get this straight: if i make shit up, invade your country under false pretenses, lie to both my citizenry and your’s, destroy your country’s infrastructure, government, and society…then under the guise of “diversity” you should show me respect when i show up during a farewell tour and lie about my motives and involvement.  do i have that right?

fscking politicians.  Mayor White, i owe you one throat punch.

Barack Obama: 44th President of the United States of America

November 4, 2008
Filed under: politics — bcd @ 11:59 pm

having just passed my 39th birthday, i’ve been reflecting on all the things that i have seen pass in my life; i almost never would have guessed that our country would have been capable of electing a multiracial candidate to the highest office of our land.  not in my life time.

maybe that’s part of the baggage of spending my whole life in the South: an acute awareness of racism.  its pervasiveness.  the almost ubiquitousness of it.

i hope people realize that this is not the prize, we are not at the end of the road.  our nation is very divided.  the campaign readily shone the light of truth on the issues that face us.  there is a lot of work ahead.

about seven or eight years ago i told my wife that the only way we as a nation will ever beat our nation’s history is to become a country of mocha-colored people.  to become post-racial.  while i know it will never completely happen as such, i can dream.

tonight is a good first step!

God Hates Republicans

August 31, 2008
Filed under: politics — bcd @ 2:21 pm

(posted while i am waiting for some schmuck in CA to send me the proper file formatting, which will allow me to finish another piece in this ever-ongoing puzzle i am trying to program at work)

thought i would throw this out there before some right-wing, evangelical bible-thumper makes the connecton:

if Hitler was God’s fulfillment for the Gentiles…

if 9/11 was God’s punishment for turning away from Him as a nation,

if Katrina was God’s punishment for abortion and/or gays,

then obivously, God hates the RNC and is trying to outline a suitable punishment for anyone who would think about voting for McCain.


just spit-ballin’ over here.

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