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WCP: freeroll your way to the Borgata Winter Open Main Event

January 22, 2009
Filed under: casinos,latest update,poker,Uncategorized — bcd @ 5:54 pm

via Sir Al, the boys (and their library of girlie pics) at Wicked Chops Poker are hosting a freeroll tonight on Full Tilt Poker for the Borgata Winter Open.

you don’t read WCP?  what, you don’t like girls or poker? most of the images are even safe for work…i think.

hope to make it home tonight in time to see you there!

Sunday morning catch-up

August 17, 2008
Filed under: bicycles,latest update — bcd @ 11:52 am

ever want to discover muscles you have that are used very little? try this: pickup a 32″ Sony Trinitron and carry it around a little. guaranteed to make parts of you hurt that haven’t been used since those wild parties in college.

my momseseses TV has been slowly dying. she called out a Sony repair guy who told her that the tube was on it’s last legs. since tubes are not really replaceable, the fix is a new TV. as a stop gap, he fiddled under the hood and turned the contrast and brightness way up. shitty picture, but picture nonetheless.

i tried for months to let her take my 27″ Trinitron that sits unused in the guest bedroom. i even offered my 32″ Mistu from my office. of course she would have none of it.

well, now home from the hosiptal and a little house bound during recovery, i convinced her to take one of mine. her plan was to buy a new flat panel, but since the new short-term goal is to sell her house and buy her a new house in our little suburban paradise, i suggested she wait so that we can tailor the screen size to her new living room.

so yesterday, prior to attending an Astros ass-kicking, i took her my Sony. 27″ old-skool tube TVs are heavy, but they are nothing close to the heavy of 32″ old-skool tube TVs. i think “TV Deadlift” could be an Olympic sport, if flat panels hadn’t eliminated the who genre of TVs.

in other news, my Klein Reve X has been here for about a week. i’ve got a Bontrager seat post in for it (in very odd 31.6 diameter…mountain bike size!) and my Bontrager stem, bars and tape should be showing up shortly. really all that is left is groupo and wheels. heh – yeah, that’s all.

i am in a double quandary with that decision: what group and where to buy it. my old LBS (which isn’t really “local” to me any more, but still worth the 30 minute drive) quoted me $1K for a new Shimano Ultegra group, sans hubs. of course, on teh internetz i can get it for $700. that $300 savings is basically the wheelset, or a significant portion of a wheelset if i go crazy and get something like Bontrager Race X Lite.

in addition to the LBS vs internet decision, do i want Shimano anyway? not Campagnolo? and now SRAM has supposedly got a pretty sweet group themselves. and of course, i could always mix and match with something like Bontrager Carbon cranks.

so all that said, i’ve done nothing. which means i still have no bike built. and i still really want a new Ibis Silk. West End has one on hand to show peeps and it is utterly amazing. the black clearcoat on the carbon fiber is jaw dropping. of course, why spend $1500 to complete the Klein when that is essentially half of the new Ibis?

i’ve got no answers, only questions!

btw – the Reve X is pretty damn stunning itself. the frame was in better condition than described in the auction; it looks almost new. the carbon stays and that crazy S.P.A. elastomer are driving me nuts. i so want to ride this bike!

just a quick update…

August 9, 2008
Filed under: latest update — bcd @ 9:20 am

my momseseses has been in the hospital for the last week; she had an angiogram and two new stents put in. her recovery was hampered a little by the healing of the site where they thread the angiogram tube in (largest vein in the body, for the win!) but overall her health is good and she is bored shitless waiting to get out – we are hoping today is that day.

so i have been hustling to and fro between work, hospital, home all week…thus no updates and missed fun times like Dr. Pauly’s 5th Anniversary tourney extravaganza. sucks to be me. also, this is the month we are sending our latest project at work to QA with an attempt to go live with all Chase partners near the middle of August. suffice to say, i was at work till 9PM last night and i am dreading a certain call today. oh well, it is nice to receive a paycheck!

anyway, still waiting for the frame to show up; i would expect today. i am hoping for a spare sec to make it by West End so i can query about what parts to build it up with. since it originally was a mix of Ultegra and Bontrager, i am thinking of using those. plus some high end training wheelset. heh. more on that front at it happens.

off like a dirty shirt….

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