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Edouardo slams (not!) Houston – millions endangered (by the local news)

August 5, 2008
Filed under: weather — bcd @ 8:08 am


it’s a tropical storm! run for the hills!

i love when they run the local pledges out into the storm, to get the ‘local flavor’; here is a schmoe who is out at a gas station to report that gas prices are down ahead of the storm. good news for those of us who plan to fill up our Excursion and head to Austin to out run the massive storm surge.

gas is cheap!

and nothing makes me happier than watching the lowly wannabes stand out in the rain, b/c we all know that we wouldn’t believe/understand rain, unless they actually show us it is happening. right? i mean, is rain even wet? Marissa Reyes knows!

rain is wet!

stay tuned folks – maybe i’ll live blog all the destruction that is surely imminent.

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, Gang aft agley

August 4, 2008
Filed under: bicycles,weather — bcd @ 10:23 pm

that Robert Burns, he was a helluva guy. i remember this quote about once a month, never repeating it with the ending “oft go awry” but always as it was written (quoted in the title), mostly b/c my AP English teacher in high school was badass.

so why am i quoting some 18th century poem for ya? b/c my plans after work were to hit the local grocery for supplies for both home and the shop. today happened to coincide with Hurricane Panic 2008, Edouard Edition!

wtf? seriously, the grocery store was a mad house. i went down the soda aisle, which also happens to be the water aisle – it looked like the hurricane had already hit. i expected to see physical violence with Sexy Susie Suburbs clawing Cougar Cathy Careermom’s eyes out over the last bottle of Fiji water. it was out of control.

so i got that going for me, which was the opposite of nice. as in shitty.

anyway, i lived, but my planning is not the best. i guess watching the weather during the weekend might have clued me in. although, seriously (again), it’s a fscking tropical storm. we live on the Gulf Coast. haven’t you mother scratchers seen these before? i don’t think this qualifies as “hell or high water” territory. do we really need to be hording water and batteries for something lower than a Cat 3? jebus.

in better news, check it:

2006 Klein Reve X

2006 Klein Reve X

that, my friends, is a 2006 Klein Reve X. i bought it on eBay today. we’ll see when it gets here if this is going to qualify for the road bike i want, or if i end up building it up with average parts and keeping it b/c i have a soft spot for Kleins. i am seriously wowed by the Specialized Tarmac and the Trek Mardone, as well as the Ibis Silk…but i couldn’t pass up this Klein frame, especially with the kooky rear elastomer!

so stay tuned to see if this frame gets a sweet setup of maybe Dura-Ace or Record; if i let it replace getting a whole new bike, then it is going to get the trick shit build.


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