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2009 WSOP, BBT4 & Full Tilt Poker

March 15, 2009
Filed under: WSOP — bcd @ 5:37 pm

i haven’t been paying much attention…but today i noticed Full Tilt put up their 2009 WSOP page and is running satellites!  this is the one thing i still get excited about with poker.

should be an interesting year; with the economy down and Vegas hemorrhaging money, we might see a much smaller field this year for the Main Event.  doesn’t mean i am not going to at least play in the 150 Seat Guarantee.  i’ve already saved half the $500 buy-in in $T!

in related news, Sir Al has again convinced Full Tilt to run and fund the Battle of the Bloggers Tournament series.  i’ve played in three of these and my game is not very sharp.  guess i need to start trying to make it twice a week in preperation for my WSOP run.

Sunday reading

January 4, 2009
Filed under: books,finance,WSOP — bcd @ 1:29 pm

lots of good reading here…take a peak!

Michael Lewis has commandeered the opinion page of the New York Times.  even though his background is versed enough to hold his own on financial matters, he teamed up with David Einhorn.

for those who may have forgotten, Einhorn was the guy who made a deep run in the WSOP Main Event in 2006 and donated all his winnings to charity.  yeah, he was the guy in the sweater that featured his kids’ handprints.  he also recently won in the Foxwood’s $3K NLHE event.  guy has got it going on!

as for Lewis, be sure to catch his year-end piece at – it is fantastic.  as if that wasn’t enough, he also put out a book compendium of articles on the current financial crisis, going all the way back to LTCM.  i am about 2/3rds done and have enjoyed it a lot.


The 7 Habits of the Highly Ineffective Me

June 6, 2008
Filed under: poker,WSOP — bcd @ 11:57 am

the six week Batan march of death has started and Las Vegas is crawling with card players all lusting for money and jewelery.  as i keep grinding the Poker Stars Steps in search of a seat, here are the sites i am checking that help me keep abreast of what is happening:

that’s what keeps me busy…back to the grind.

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