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April 28, 2011
Filed under: pets — bcd @ 9:24 pm

Xuxa was a presence in my life from the moment i met my wife.

in 1994 Xuxa was almost a year old. i like to think that part of why my future wife became endeared to me was the fact that Xuxa trusted me almost as must as she did Darci. as a SPCA dog, this was no small feat; Xuxa looked askance at hugs.

we had Xuxa in our lives for over 17 years. we did our best to give her a greatest life possible and are going to miss her dearly.

thanks for your friendship, Xuxa!

This isn’t Russia. Is this Russia? This isn’t Russia.

April 16, 2011
Filed under: poker,politics — bcd @ 11:15 am


Full Tilt Seized

gotta love our government. or not.

Dear Supreme Court of the United States…

November 28, 2010
Filed under: politics — bcd @ 10:24 pm

please go fuck yourselves.

warmest regards,
brently c. davenport, esq.

re: 60 Minutes interview with John Paul Stevens

re: re: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

re: re: re: legal peronality

Brilliance is, the best brilliance is brilliance born not from someone ignorant.

November 5, 2010
Filed under: Asides,humorous — bcd @ 11:09 pm

all the news that’s fit to…wipe your ass with – by John Lomax

June 3, 2010
Filed under: music — bcd @ 7:15 pm

a few days ago i had a back-and-forth via twitter with Felix Salmon (of the pseudo-deceased Conde Nast Portfolio, now with Reuters and Wired) in regards to Lynn Hirschberg’s Sunday NYT Magazine’s piece on MIA.

Salmon, a real fscking journalist IMO, thought it was a hit-piece (Hirschberg did a so-called hit-piece on Courtney Love oh-so-many-years ago.) I thought the french-fry setup was throw-away and MIA’s response on her website was trite and had the depth that is displayed by many twenty-somethings who can’t write a cogent paragraph and instead think that links alone will tell their story.

So if the NYT story was a “hit-piece” then i wonder what this tripe would be?

Part of my distaste for what the Houston Press has become are stories like these: National Inquiresque, tabloid journalism. sure, that description has the word ‘journalism’ in it, but is it really? and Lomax? He was born and bred at the Houston Press and is Houston’s new reigning king of this shit genre that passes for real media.

i am sure this douchestain from Blue October is playing up his affliction. heck, it might even be 100% fake; i could care fscking less about the band, the singer, his fans, or even his crusade to save the legion of gothed-out, emo masses who are lining up at Ace Hardwares across the U.S. for razor blades. But – my take is that Lomax smelled a great chance at getting a cheap cover story when he was granted an hour with Furstenfeld and being the Weekly World News journalist that Lomax is, well let’s just say he knows a bat child story when he sees one.

sad. and standard.

2010 WSOP – the media list

May 30, 2010
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 9:22 am

in my fortieth year on this planet i am supposed to be playing in the World Series of Poker 2010. alas, i have been unable to secure an affordable seat.

nonetheless, this year, as for the last seven years, i will be following the WSOP on the web. the good news is that every year the group of journalists providing the daily minutia from the WSOP gets bigger and better.

here’s a quick list of who i’ll be reading:

i don’t know who i found first, but i am pretty sure i found both from The Blogfather. Sir Al is now working for Full Tilt Poker and the Good Dr. Pauly has a book coming out soon. both are required reading for any WSOP year.

Al Can’t Hang: blog & twitter

Tao of Pauly: blog & twitter

another poker journo that i mysteriously found is Dan at Pokerati. i think i got there b/c Michelle Lewis‘ neighbor is my mom’s cardiologist and Michelle linked to Dan oh so many years ago when he was still in Dallas. i think.

Pokerati: blog & twitter

F-Train came from reading Dr. Pauly and Al Can’t Hang. he is another dengen convert, giving up i think a job in the world’s second oldest profession and traveling the world for poker.

F-Train: blog & twitter

Pot Committed is Dr. Pauly’s common-law better half. don’t let that fool you, she’s been covering poker for years and in the last year went global with her coverage of the Latin American Poker Tour.

Pot Committed: blog & twitter

so quit hanging around here and go catch-up on the action!


May 27, 2010
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 7:02 pm

just a quick post to say thank you to Full Tilt Poker for the Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 5 – it was a great series that culminates tonight at 9PM CST with three (yes three!!) WSOP Main Event seats being awarded!

also a big thanks to Full Tilt Poker for hiring and keeping Sir Al Can’t Hang busy. i am sure they recognize that he is a unique and awesome spokesman for those of us who love the game of poker.

and my personal thanks to Al for another great series with another amazing round of prizes. it has to be tough to outdo each time, because you keep raising the bar!

so – how did i do? with a lot of luck and a little rustiness, i was able to place second twice. while that doesn’t get me a seat in the The Battle of the Blogger 5 Tournament of Champions, i am happy that i was finally able to show a little improvement. heck, over the course of all five BBTs, i might even be even now!

OK, i know, that’s bullshiet…but it sounds good!

good luck to all the bloggers in the ToC and good luck to the eventual winners who will be heading to Vegas to play in the WSOP. maybe this will be the year for a blogger at the final table and/or a blogger winner!

dream big!

Guys like us, we had it made. Those were the days!

May 21, 2010
Filed under: Asides,poker — bcd @ 9:34 pm

i had to add a new 2 TB HDD for my iTunes library (yes, it is getting out of control) which meant some moving around and cleaning up.

i went through my back-up HDD and discovered an assload of old poker screen shots.

here’s a great one!

those were the days….

RNC’s Frankenstein moment

May 8, 2010
Filed under: politics — bcd @ 6:54 pm

the astroturfed Tea Baggers turn on their own.

someone please create a cartoon of Frankenstein (labeled “Tea Party”) and show him running amok among the right wing (characters labeled “Romney” and “NRA”). Frankenstein should be screaming, “MORE CON-SERV-ATIVE!”

if you think this is all about Obama, then you must be a Republican.

November is going to look like The French Revolution…all incumbents blood running ankle deep in the streets.

but hey, John Cornyn says, “Just let them eat cake!” (Or would that be, “Just let them Drill baby, drill!”)

it’s back – the BBT5! bigger, badder, better than evar!

April 18, 2010
Filed under: poker — bcd @ 2:47 pm

The Battle of the Blogger Tournaments 5 is kicking off today!

six weeks of poker fun brought to you by the fine folks at Full Tilt Poker and headed up by our own Sir Al Can’t Hang. looks like this year’s incarnation has a new Monday night tourney from Full Tilt’s Poker On The Rail. Wednesdays will feature the Buddy Dank version of The Mookie. Sundays will have an invitational format which is also a new wrinkle in the plan. and last but not least, a big ass freeroll on June 6th for all those who love Full Tilt.

hit up the Poker On The Rail post for all the details, grab a banner or badge for your blog and let’s have some fun!

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